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AppSecInc. Community MSI Extensions. Contribute to dblock/msiext development by creating an account on GitHub. download Source and source code. Download from Remote desktop monitoring system venusconcept-tr.come. File SizeKB File name:AFXEXT. INL., change,sizeb the // Microsoft Foundation Classes product. // Inlines for AFXEXT.H #ifdef _AFXEXT_INLINE // CCreateContext.

In Visual Studio Installer it ["Microsoft Foundation Classes for C++"] is under Modify / Individual Components / SDKs / MFC and ATL. is in a separate filestatic con Dlgslnl#define_AFXDLGSJNLINE#includ inl" main '' is in a s S_INLINE#include "afxdlgs _INLINE#include "" . OLL __|NLINEOinclu in _D6_SEG)lei-iditlifdet ILE sta rsvoid AFX _CDECL AIXG _ CDE FX DBG1 tlnl[] = '' void')this.

When I build in Release mode then I get following errors. E:\Program Files\ Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\atlmfc\include\ error. in far-netbox located at /libs/atlmfc/include. AFXEXT - MFC Advanced Extensions and Advanced Customizable classes // Classes declared in this file //CObject //CCmdTarget; //CWnd //CButton class.


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